Temperature Calibration Lab

Temperature Calibration Lab - Dry Block

Temperature Capability Ranges

Contact Type                : -40°C to 700°C 

Non-Contact Type     : 25°C to 500°C

Capabilities Include

  • Temperature Gauges

  • Temperature Switches

  • Temperature Controllers

  • Temperature Recorders 

  • Digital/glass Thermometers

  • Thermocouples

  • RTDs

  • Temperature wells and baths

  • Hygrometers

  • Thermo-hygrometers

  • Ovens / Freezers / Chillers

  • IR Thermometers

Humidity Calibration Lab

Humidity Calibration Lab - Humidity Generator

Humidity Capability Ranges

7 to 95% RH

Capabilities Include

  • Hygrothermographs

  • Temperature Humidity Data Loggers

  • Humidity Meters

  • Incubators Temperature/RH Chart Recorders

  • Environmental Chambers

  • Hygrometers Temperature/RH Meters

For future temperature & humidity calibration requirements, do not hesitate to contact us to get fast turnaround times, better rates and most importantly accurate measurements. Our calibration lab is here to serve you.